Welcome to the Papillon Dog Guide. In this website you will learn everything you need to know about the papillon dog breed. We have two papillon puppies and we couldn’t find much information online so we started a website.

A dog is said to be a man’s best friend. Although dogs generally cannot speak, they can tell when their owners have problems. Although they cannot make those problems go away, they make it a point to at least try to make their owners feel better by showing their affection.


This is one of the reasons why a lot of people would like to get their own dogs. People who would like to get dogs would have to decide what type of dog they would like to get.

The papillon dog is one of the dogs that people like initially because of how it looks. People should remember though that aside from the dog’s looks, they should also consider how a dog acts or what a dog’s temperament is. People should ask first what the papillon like as a pet is. papillon information should be known by people first. Once they know, that is the time when they should decide whether to get that type of breed or not. There are already reports of some people not doing enough research before adopting a dog and they end up bringing the dog to the shelter because they do not like that natural personality of the dog. Avoid this from happening by knowing a lot of details about the person that would be adopted.

One of the reasons why the papillon stands out physically is because of its cute ears that seem to jut out from its head. It has often been compared to butterfly wings. Since this dog is small, a lot of people like it initially. They are generally very protective of their owners. They may tend to feel that once they feel at ease with their home, they will take charge of different parts of the house. There are instances when they may be a bit threatened when there are other people that they do not know inside the house.

If you are planning to get a papillon dog, remember following information:

  • It is true that you should love your pet and you should always make sure that you will provide all of its needs. You should remember however, that you should not let it be the pack leader of your home. Since you are the owner, you should still establish authority over your dog.
  • Through that authority, you will be able to avoid common dog problems that can be felt by papillon’s such as anxiety and becoming over possessive of their owners. The papillon dog as a pet like other dogs may get behavior problems when they do not get the exercise that they need every day so make sure that you will take your dog for daily walks.
  • Make sure that your dog is not confused with what he can and cannot do inside the house. When a dog is unsure, it might make him be a bit more aggressive not only towards outsiders but also towards its owners.
  • papillon dogs are very particular about noise. They sometimes have the tendency to bark too much when they hear noise even though the noise is familiar. This is one reason why they are not recommended to live in apartments where in it can be noisier than usual.

Remember that a papillon dog as well as other dogs would always need to have the love and care that they deserve but this does not mean that you should go overboard. If the dog becomes spoiled, it will take authority not only over you but over the whole household as well.

Another great resource to find information about the Papillon dogs is Wikipedia.

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